5 Hair Hacks for Days You Don’t Have Time to Wash It

Yes, you really can still have a good hair day.

It’s the number-one hair request we get from readers: Help me keep my style looking great on the days I don’t wash it! So we pulled in Marcus Francis, celebrity stylist for Suave Professionals, and he taught five real women the secret to long-term gorgeousness.

Make waves on fine hair

Her issue: “If I don’t do anything, it just goes limp,” says Adrienne Kaye, 44, of her fine, straight hair. “So I wash it every other day, and if I curl it, too, the whole process takes over an hour.”

Marcus says: “For fine hair, adding a bit of wave not only creates body, but heat sets hair in place, so you’ll get a little extra mileage out of your style. A volumizing spray helps too: I misted one all over Adrienne’s damp hair, then shook her hair with my fingers as I blow-dried, pulling up the roots for lift.” (Marcus used Suave Luxe Style Infusion Volumizing Weightless Blow Dry Spray, $4.99; we also love Phyto PhytoVolume Actif Volumizing Spray, $29.) “Once her hair was dry, I wrapped large sections around a one-inch curling iron. After the waves cooled, I brushed them and had Adrienne flip her head upside down, then sprayed dry shampoo all over the underside, which keeps hair from falling flat.”

Adrienne says: ”This look is so easy to do, and the volume holds for almost three days—major for my fine hair.”

Help curls stay bouncy


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