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As a beginner, most of us will incur mistakes during our yoga classes. The good news is that no one will crucify you for making an error. But, making mistakes is a bit embarrassing, especially if you can prevent it. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the most common yoga mistakes to avoid for beginners. Through this, you’ll be able to start your yoga journey with confidence and ease.

The Most Common Yoga Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

1. Not Turning Off Your Phone

Imagine this, everyone in your yoga class is in a deep pose and suddenly a cell phone rings. While not every yogi will be rattled by the ringing, it can distract a lot of people in the class. If it was your cell phone, you’ll definitely get a few scary or angry stares from your classmates.

Turning off your phones is not a compulsory rule in yoga classes. Instead, it is more of a courtesy to your fellow yogi. Nonetheless, keeping your cell phones off is the best way to ensure that your yoga session starts and ends smoothly.

2. Doing Yoga with A Full Stomach

One of the most common yoga mistakes to avoid is doing several poses with a full stomach. This will not only result in various digestive problems. Basically, an empty tummy will enable you to perform comfortably and efficiently.

Thus, an important yoga tip for beginners is to practice first thing in the morning. If this is not possible, it is crucial to let your body digest your food first. Yoga instructors recommend that you should practice at least two to three hours after eating.

3. Wearing Baggy Outfits

Wearing proper clothes is essential to successfully perform various poses. Keep in mind that yoga will require you to do numerous movements such as twists, straddles, bends, and inversions.

For this reason, wearing baggy clothes will not only hinder you from moving gracefully. It will also invite other people to look under your shirt or pants during poses like the Downward Dog or Sirsasana. Thus, wearing tight yet comfortable clothes are the appropriate attire for yoga.

4. Forgetting to Relax and Breathe

In this list of yoga mistake to avoid, improper breathing is a common problem for beginners. For this reason, before starting or enrolling in a yoga class, you have to understand the importance of breathing and relaxing.

Basically, breathing is a key variable in the practice of yoga. Proper breathing can help you focus your mind and relax your body. Aside from that, breathing will help ensure that your energy is flowing freely throughout your muscles.

Thus, for beginners, always pay attention to your breathing during your yoga session. Counting in your head is a great method you can try until your breathing becomes natural. If you are not sure on how to time your breathing during a certain pose, you can always ask your instructor for guidance and pointers.

5. Comparing Yourself to Others

One of the most valuable life lesson today is to appreciate your uniqueness and avoid comparing yourself to others. This principle is also applicable in yoga.

Always remember that each yogi has their own journey. Some of your classmates will be ahead of you. Instead of feeling envious, use their talents and abilities as an inspiration, motivating you to continue, pursue, and strive in your own yoga journey. Finally, you have to believe that you can also become or exceed your most advanced yoga classmate in due time and with regular practice.

6. Trying to Push Your Body Beyond Its Limits

Pushing your body beyond its limits is one of the most common yoga mistakes to avoid. Keep in mind that yoga is not a competition. Forcing your body to bend or stretch further will only result in injuries. Thus, you have to listen to your body when doing various poses. Always remember that yoga is all about uniting your mind, body, and soul. With regular practice, you’ll be able to move effortlessly and gracefully.

7. Packing Up Too Soon

In some occasions, you have other appointments after your yoga class. So, you end up rushing and leaving before completing the session. Packing up too soon is included in this list of common yoga mistakes to avoid because it defies one of the main purposes of yoga, which is taking things slow.

Keep in mind that yoga is all about performing each yoga poses in a mindful manner. Through this, you’ll be able to slow down and calm your body and mind. Thus, the critical parts of a yoga class are the final pose (Savasana), meditation, and the closing remarks of your instructor. All these will keep you in the right mindset after your classes.

Thus, completing your session is essential. To do this, you have to schedule your class during your free day to avoiding rushing. Aside from that, always inform your instructor at the beginning of the session if you need to leave early. That way, you can make some time for the final pose. Furthermore, you should also set-up your mat near the door to avoid disturbing the other people in the class.


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